Play and learn about your world at home through Caillou’s rich imagination!

Join Caillou and his friends as you explore different rooms in his big blue house. Each room has 3 missing objects that players need to reveal by solving fun jigsaw puzzles, once completed they transform into fun video animations!


  • 3 fun jigsaw puzzles in each room!
  • 3 levels of difficulty so kids of all ages can play!
  • Caillou’s voice helps kids learn about household objects
  • Interactive items and creative artwork in every scene
  • Video animations when puzzles are completed!
  • Puzzles always change formation – play over and over again!
  • Share your completed puzzles with friends and family


  • Caillou’s room
  • Rosie’s room
  • Mom & Dad’s room
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Living room


Caillou is a proven and trusted hit aimed at kids aged 2-5 which airs worldwide in over 100 countries including in the US (PBS and Sprout), Canada, UK, Germany and Turkey.

How do I find the puzzles in the room? Puzzle items will always start off covered with a puzzle pattern. Just tap on the puzzle pattern to reach the puzzle for that item.

How do I gain stars? Whenever you finish building a puzzle, you will gain a star. But only a single star will ever be gained per puzzle item in a room, even if you re-build the same puzzle multiple times.

Can I rebuild a puzzle that was already built once? Yes. Just tap on the puzzle item or the star that is now on the item and the puzzle will reappear for you to rebuild.

How do I reset a room? Just press on the house button on the top left of the screen to go back to the main menu and then go back in that same room. The room will have reset itself.

How do I share the puzzles I complete with my family and friends? As soon as you complete all of the puzzles in a room, a prompt will appear that will allow you to send an e-mail with a picture of the room you just completed to your friends or family.

I re-installed the app on my new device. Can I restore the packs I previously bought? Yes. Launch the app, Go to the store menu and tap on Restore Purchase. Type in your password and any previously purchased pack will be restored.

How do I turn off push notifications? You can disable push notifications for this app by tapping on the Settings button (lower left on the main menu) and switching push notifications to off.

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